About CTL

Founded in 1989, CTL™ designs and manufactures computer products including desktop and mobile workstations, LED Monitors and high performance servers.

CTL’s brands include CTL and  2go™ PC mobile devices. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Asia, CTL and their OEM partners supply North American consumers, government agencies, and many of the most recognized corporate brands.


2go PC - CTL's brand of ultra-mobile laptops, netbooks, slates and tablet PCs



Some of our most popular products:


2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2The 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL4 by CTL – A ruggedized netbook that converts from laptop to touch screen tablet mode

Markets: Education; Healthcare; Field Sales; Inspections; Military; Law Enforcement; Research; Industrial; Personal Computing; Aviation

Intel-powered, Windows 7 based convertible classmate PCs convert instantly from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode, allowing intuitive, interactive, collaborative use and “micromobility” both inside and outdoors. Intel-powered convertible classmate PCs are rugged, with drop-resistant construction and water-resistant anti-microbial keyboards…and they’re easy to use and carry… [Learn More at 2gopc.com]

2go Classmate PC E11

The 2go Classmate PC E12 by CTL – A ruggedized 10″ Laptop

Markets: Education; Healthcare; Industrial; Personal Computing

The 2goPC 10″ Classmate PC is ideal for education, mobile workers, and people on the go.  Key features include a carrying handle, an easy to hold texturized surface, ruggedized drop-resistant construction and water-resistant anti-microbial keyboards… [Learn More at 2gopc.com]

Intel ReaderThe Intel Reader – an Assistive Technology device for vision or learning based reading difficulties. Brought to you by Care Innovations and CTL

Markets: Healthcare; Education; Assistive Technology

The Intel Readeris a mobile handheld device designed to increase independence for people who have low vision, blindness, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or anyone who struggles with reading standard print. Its unique design combines a high-resolution camera with the power of an Intel® Atom™ processor to convert printed text to digital text, which it then reads aloud to the user.… [Learn More about the Intel Reader at www.ctlcorp.com]

The CTL LP2361 24″ class wide screen LED monitor – a reliable and cost effective display

Markets & Channels: Education; Government; SMB; Enterprise; Retail; VARs, Distribution

CTL LP2361 24 Inch LED Monitor

The CTL LP2361″ TFT Flat Panel Monitor is on the cutting edge of Monitor technology. With a professional finish and anti-glare coating, the LP2361 is a versatile monitor for any environment.… [Learn More at www.ctlcorp.com]


The CTL Meridian EC15PC – combining reliability, performance and valueCTL Meridian SL510 PC

Markets & Channels: Government; Education; VARs, SMB, Enterprise

Sure, the CTL™ Meridian™ EC14 incorporates features that are good for the environment, but with its 80 PLUS Energy Efficient Power Supply (capable of saving up to 25% in electricity)  its also great for your budget!… [Learn More at www.ctl.net]